Boost Financial Security When Renting to People with Barriers

Beyond Backgrounds offers support to rental property owners/managers who rent to people with criminal, credit or rental history barriers in their background.

Financial Assurance

Do you ever ask applicants for a:

  • Double security deposit?

  • Co-signer?

  • First and last month's rent up front?

If so, you may like Beyond Backgrounds Financial Assurance even better.How does it work?

  • The renter pays $300 to buy Financial Assurance.

  • When the lease ends you get up to $2,000 of financial assurance beyond what the security deposit covers if there are any issues like unpaid rent, damage to the unit, or legal fees.

This offers more financial security than a double deposit for owners.It is also more affordable for the renter. A win-win!

Monthly Check-Ins

Beyond Backgrounds is run by HousingLink, a nonprofit organization that has served owners, managers, and renters for the past 25 years.Each month we send an email to you and the renter to see how things are going.

Chat with a housing coach

Refer Renters to Buy Financial Assurance

Renters Can Buy Beyond Backgrounds Financial Assurance here: here for a flyer you can give to Renters that explains Financial Assurance.We will send you an email to confirm that they purchased it.

Pay the rent

Frequently Asked QuestionsAre there any inspections?
No. Beyond Backgrounds just requires lease information and the move in/out form.
How do I find Beyond Backgrounds renters?
List your openings for free on
When you are listing an open unit you have the opportunity to add to your listing that you are open to speaking with Beyond Backgrounds renters.Can I have an existing renter purchase financial assurance and still get the coverage?
How do I make a Financial Assurance Claim?
Click here to make a claim
How long do I have to make a claim after the lease ends?
21 days.
How is this different than a security deposit?
Beyond Backgrounds Financial Assurance kicks in after you have applied the security deposit for damage to the unit, unpaid rent, or other expenses.
Do you provide case management to renters?
No. However, we check in with owners/managers and renters once each month to see how things are going, and if there are areas where we can help or refer to resources.
For how long does the Financial Assurance provide coverage?
For 12+ month leases: The entire length of the initial lease term. For example:
12 month lease: 12 months of coverage.
24 month lease: 24 months of coverage.
36 month lease: 36 months of coverage.
For month-to-month leases: Financial Assurance covers up to 12 months total.For 2-11 month leases: Up to 12 months total if the initial lease is renewed.Does Beyond Backgrounds help renters pay rent or offer rent subsidies?
No. Beyond Backgrounds Financial Assurance is only available after a lease ends or is terminated.